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    Sustainable Office Clearance Services Nationwide

Professional Service Guaranteed

Professional Service GuaranteedClear Environment was formed specifically to provide a specialist sustainable office clearance and recycling services.

By focusing on disposal by recycling and reuse we can offer the best service in this niche area rather unlike other areas that add recycling as a ‘green’ sideline.We understand the market, our clients’ expectations and we deliver by focussing on what we do best.

Clear Environment directors have over three years of direct experience in providing sustainable disposal services to many clients, including Government bodies and are exceptionally well placed to deliver the necessary service to complete any project. From project planning and costing through to final clean and handover, we ensure everything is completed correctly and professionally.

Health & Safety Measures

All works are carried out by contractors who are Health and Safety compliant and security vetted. Experienced supervisors are provided for all projects including HM Government CTC level where required.

Contact Simon Howard on 07944 508282 anytime for further details.