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Environmental Green Sustainable

Green CredentialsClear Environment has a strict ‘no landfill’ policy. Environmental Green Sustainable, our clearance methods will ensure that a minimum of 80% of the furniture waste is re-used or recycled.

It is currently almost impossible to claim that 100% of your waste will be recycled due to current technology limitations and cost restrictions. As a specialist recycling organisation,

As well as using Environment Agency regulated Waste Transfer stations for larger projects, our base in High Wycombe has the necessary accreditations and exemptions regularly facilitates the recycling of over 200 tonnes of waste per annum.

Clear Environment has genuine ‘green’ credentials. We don’t ‘greenwash’ and do not offer a ‘watermelon service’- green on the outside, but red in the middle! As government waste regulation tightens and social pressure to recycle increases, it is imperative that all business and office recycling is completed to the highest standards

Inform, Advise & Educate

Through a programme of presentations and informative talks, Clear Environment is keen and proud to help organisations of all sizes with environmental advice, policies and strategies. Afterall, education and inspiration lead to true sustainable actions!

This overview contains the key slides used in the programme: