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Green Credentials

At Clear Environment, we adhere to a strict ‘no landfill’ policy. Through the re-use and recycling methods detailed, together with the use of carefully selected recycling partners, we ensure that a minimum of 80% of the furniture waste is re-used or recycled.

Historically, our internal waste analysis has shown that , Clear Environment re-used and recycled 80-92% of all product received (by weight).

The current market conditions have lead to a dramatic increase in recycling.  As Landfill Tax increases dramatically on an annual basis and more recycling facilities materialise, it is now almost as cost effective to recycle effects correctly, as it is to send waste to landfill via unregulated or unlicensed carriers.

However, recycling correctly should not only be done for purely financial reasons, but also for environmental, legal, corporate and socially responsible ones!


We have genuine ‘green’ credentials.  No ‘greenwash’ is permitted and we will not deal with ‘watermelons’; green on the outside and red in the middle!

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